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About Event Therapy™Academy

Event Therapy™ Academy serves as an educational and learning resource program to support professionals including corporate leaders, teachers and principals with learning new skills and training techniques such as planning, that encourage mental well-being and creativity in and out of the classroom. 

Event Therapy Academy also serves event and entertainment professionals with resources to teach them how to use new skills within their event and entertainment businesses. 

Event Therapy Academy

Event Therapy's goal is to provide professionals with therapeutic support, stability, and strategies that create successful mental health and well-being habits in and out of the classroom.


Educator's Corner

Program One:

Teachers and principals will receive in class room or digital training on how to utilize event services and elements of entertainment to adjust to new student learning patterns. They are provided clear and supportive mental health techniques to utilize effectively and efficiently. This re-training program allows for professionals to learn, implement then teach mechanisms as a way to reduce stress in the classroom and build excitement for learning by being creative and entertaining.


This class is also great for event professionals who are also teachers or principals who are interested in supporting colleagues and staff on mental health support and techniques. Professionals will learn how to utilize skills in and out of the classroom


Program Two: Event professional will receive in classroom or digital training on how to support their staff members with managing emotions while in the workplace. The program consists of a 12 module course focusing on learning communication, therapeutic, team building and accountability measures for business. 

We proudly serve and support professionals ranging, but not limited to, these event and entertainment industry roles: 

  • Principals

  • Teachers

  • Counselors

  • Parents (At-Home Programs)

  • Coaches

  • Event Professionals

If you are interested in learning more about Event Therapy Academy, email us at with Subject: Event Therapy Academy

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Next Group Training Course Febraury 28 2022

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You Need Event Therapy


High-Stress Environments

Financial Loss Due

to Failed Strategies 

Difficult Client Demands

Creative Burnout

& Blocks

Long & Anti-social

Work Hours

Working with an

Unmotivated Team

Lack of Resources

& Guidance

Anxiety Increase Due

to Strenuous Tasks


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Benefits of Receiving Event Therapy


Improve Mental
Health Habits & Mood

Access to a Network of
Industry Professionals

Improve Physical

Enhance Business
Practices and Processes

Develop Better Work-Life
Balance & Boundries

Gain Knowledge of
Successful Event Curation

Resolve Problems with Guidance and Support

Access Event Resources
& Rental Supplies

A Happy Place For Your Hustle.

We offer our community of professionals the best opportunities for growth through our networking facilities, therapeutic coaching programs, events, and expert-led workshops.

It's time to tap into your best self with the support of likeminded professionals. Gain access to our network through our affordable membership options.

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