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Discover poven and efficient strategies on how to plan your own book tour.

Plan Your Tour

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  • Users may not resell, rent, lease, redistribute, broadcast, sub-license or otherwise assign any rights to the Digital Content provided.

    One User Per Book

    Lending and sharing is not permitted.

    It is not permitted to buy one copy of an ebook and then load it onto multiple devices for several people to use. Nor can you load a book onto a device and then pass the device on to multiple individuals one after another.

    If you buy an ebook and give it to another person, it is theirs to keep for life. But they may not then lend or share it with another user.

    If you want to provide, for example, 5 copies of an ebook to 5 people, you will need to pay for 5 copies, and then distribute the ebooks to the 5 people.

    All copyright belongs to Event Therapy™ Network

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