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Event Therapy Magazine is a national digital publication centered on the foundations of successful event creation and management: mental and physical health, business and financial development, social networking and guidance.   


We educate, empower and bring exposure to our readers about emerging industry-leading professionals and businesses in the event and entertainment field, while providing a wide range of event trends, such as event design, technological advances, type of events, venue selection, event curation, and more. Learn more about Event Therapy Magainze by visiting

Event Therapy Magazine Winter 2020 Issue with Charessa Sawyer and Michelle Gainey


Limited Print copies will be available next quarter, along with digital copies. 



Payments are one time payment per magazine copy.


Automatic Annual Renewal Details: Coming Soon



No refunds and changes for products sold. For more details contact customer service at or 1-866-262-4555- ext 801, if you wish to cancel or have questions about your subscription.

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Event Therapy Magazine with Michelle Gainey on Cover and a sneak peek of inside of the issue

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Become a contributor for Event Therapy Magazine by submitting an article to be featured on our website and publication. View contributor guidelines for article categories and topics, submission requirements, and more before submitting an article.

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