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Event Therapy

The event profession is ranked #6 as the top stressful industry in the workplace. 


One major goal of the network is to reduce Event Warfare and improve your mindset.


As the founder of Event Therapy and its network, I find that it’s easy for event professionals to get caught up in helping actualize the dreams and desires of our clients through our hard work and dedication, and that we often forget about taking care of ourselves. I created this network for people “just like us” as a vehicle to promote courage, faith, and resilience within the events and entertainment industry.

 Additionally, we've found attractive ways to educate and support communities on mental health by surpassing just the support of event professional, but also providing services to corporate leaders and teachers and principals. The importance of this tool is to provide mental health techniques that function as a way to address mental health in all aspects o our lives.  








                                Through our many networking events, books, and                                         resources, this magazine, and various campaigns,
                                 I want to empower you to “put yourself” first.


                                                                                            As an event professional, I’ve experienced the pressures of realizing client dreams                                                                                                    while neglecting self-care. Event Therapy is my commitment to change

                                                                                                    that – for me and for you.


We welcome you to invite our Event Therapy Lounge on the set of your next conference, movie or retreat,

and learn about our Event Therapy Show !

Event Therapy Website-Updated Size .jpg
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