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"What mental health needs is more sunlight, more candor, and more unashamed conversation."

Hi, I'm Charessa,
The Event Therapist.

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I am a certified event planning professional that offers personal event coaching and teaches therapeutic communications to event and entertainment professionals. I simply help you discover strategic ways to love your fast pace career and find mental balance!

Psychologist Session
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Mental health often becomes an avoided discussion at the table, which affects thousands of people who struggle with it every day. Unfortunately, we event and entertainment professionals tend to experience a decline in mental health due to high-pressure environments, long, anti-social hours, demanding client needs, the balance of several stressful tasks and responsibilities, and more in our daily roles. 

For this reason, I recognized the need to create a wellness-focused resource that provides event and entertainment industry professionals like me with a positive and supportive community committed to their success and mental well-being.


With a team of professional mentors, physical and mental health professionals, and business and finance professionals, we provide expert-led workshops and trainings, insightful e-guides and resources, community support and professional networking, coaching sessions, and more that help you to create a better work life, events, and mental space.

As the owner of a global event planning and production service, SCV Productions, I know first-hand the ins and outs of creating and managing successful, profitable events. Through Event Therapy™, I'm sharing my experience, expertise, and effective strategies to help you achieve the same and while keeping your mental health intact.

Start your therapy now by purchasing my several authored and co-authored books, like Event Therapy: 10 steps to Ultimate Event Planning and SCV: A Glimpse into A Kick Ass Team, and get ready to unlock your best self, event, and business!

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