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Providing Mental Comfort

To Educators, Event & Entertainment Curators.

Take a deep breath: Inhale... now exhale. Whew!

You are here, you are safe, and most importantly, you are just in time and on track to develop your best self mentally, physically and professionally.


Welcome to the Event Therapy™ network, where our team of certified event and life coaches provides educatorsevent and entertainment curators, planners, and producers like you with community resources, therapeutic strategies, and professional training to help you overcome the daily mental and physical challenges of your job, create successful events that support your target or niche market, and achieve your goals.


We take pride in our Event Therapy educational services, providing career re-training in the forms of web-based and classroom-based seminars and workshops in the field of continuing education for teachers and principals for the purpose of learning mental health techniques that positively support students and colleagues. Services are especially impactful for event professionals who are also teachers looking for career re-training to provide supportive services in schools that address mental health. 


Therapeutic Strategies To Help You
Manage Your Event, Stress-Free.

Let Us Take The Weight Off You


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Contact Us

We Are Open Ears...

We are here and listening! Connect with the Event Therapy ™ network for

any questions you have about our membership, therapy sessions, events, and more.

We'll be in touch with you soon—for now, enjoy a few of our learning resources and shop.


Thank you for connecting with the Event Therapy Network! We'll be in touch soon.

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